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The First International Flax Festival: Rulinen Group promotes flax fashion

     On June 23, the First International Flax Festival started in Vologda. It has no equal in the industry in terms of organization, the participants’ geography breadth and guests’ representativeness not only in Russia but also worldwide. Representatives from 18 countries, delegations from 25 regions of Russia, more than 300 distinguished guests, designers and experts in the international fashion arrived at the flax capital of Russia, which celebrated those days a Town Day. Rulinen Group became the general partner of the flax forum.


The largest "LINUM" store was opened in Vologda

On June 23, in the very heart of Vologda, at 14 Herzen Street, the Russian largest “LINUM” chain store opened its doors. Rulinen Group as the General Partner of the International Flax Festival presented a wide variety of linen products of Vologda Textile, OJSC. Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the famous Russian couturier, took part in the opening ceremony and the first customers were presented with the discount cards of “LINUM" chain stores.


Rulinen Group invites you to take part in the Flax Festival holding in the Vologda city

  A grand event is supposed to be held in Vologda from 23rd to 25th June - the International Flax Festival. There can be scarcely found any event either in Europe or in the entire world which could be equal to this one in terms of organization, geographical breadth of participants, representativeness of guests thereof. Vologda will have guests from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Ukraine, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and from 27 regions of Russia. The bright and dynamic event, the general partner whereof Rulinen Group is, will take place at several creative venues and will undoubtedly attract the attention of everybody who now affects flax industry revival in Russia.


President of Rulinen Group Sharing the Experience of Creating Vologda Cluster

  At the Round Table The Center of Technological Competences as an Instrument of Developing Scientific and Innovative Designs in Light Industry, Nikolay Aleksov, the President of Rulinen Group, told the story of creating the flax cluster in Vologda region, and commented on the role of Vologda Textile (OAO Vologodskiy textile) and Rulinen Group in this undertaking. The meeting was organized by St. Petersburg Union of Apparel Manufacturers and was supported by the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of the Government of St. Petersburg.


“Russian Silhouette”: Rulinen Group was a special guest at the competition among young designers

  Semi-final of IX International Competition among young designers “Russian Silhouette” took place in Ekaterinburg. Ten nominees of the competition won prizes, presented by Rulinen Group – lengths of flax-containing fabrics out of which they will be able to create bright and  unique organic clothing models. Besides, all of them will have an opportunity to participate in “One Costume Competition”, which takes place in Vologda within International Flax Festival from 23d to 25th June 2011.


“Defile on the Neva”: Linen – the King of Fashion!

  The 23rd week of pret-a-porter “Defile on the Neva” finished in St. Petersburg. In four days one could find out which colors, fabrics and silhouettes prefers the Northern capital, by visiting the exhibition space of “Lenexpo”. Rulinen Group debuted with the collection of "Souvenirs of “Grey Rose” has become one of the unconditional discoveries of the season and brought another element of intrigue to a series of fashion show.


Rulinen Group makes its debut in “Defile on the Neva”

  “Fashion without limits” - that was the motto of the XXIII Week of pret-a-porter launched on 6 April in St. Petersburg “Defile on the Neva”. Over 11 years of Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russian fashion has been enriched by not one dozen of prominent names. This year the organizers have done an unconventional step and invited for the first to participate not only designers but also Rulinen Group – a Russian producer which represents a collection of fashionable clothing made of flax..


Fashion Industry: Linen is stylish!

     For Rulinen Group as a General partner of “Fashion Industry” – 37th International Exhibition of Textile and Light Industry – participation in the exhibition has brought some results. The company presented new autumn/winter 2011-2012 industrial clothing collections made of linen under three brands: Dolce Lino, Lino Fiorе for female clothing and Lino Domеni – for male. Clothing collections for spring/summer 2011 as well as permanent spring/summer clothing collection made of linen branded as Linum were also successful.


Fashion Industry: Our future lies with Vologda linen!

Representing the products of Vologda Textile, JSC Rulinen Group has asserted itself again by opening the Fashion Industry 2011 International Exhibition with its new clothing collection called  "Grey Rose Souvenirs".
Becoming the General Partner of the Exhibition, the Company has proven over again that Russia's leading producer of linen textiles and clothing can compete at the highest level.


Rulinen Group is the General Partner of the Fashion Industry

Rulinen Group, the leader in dress goods and suitings, as well as the flagship of the Russia’s linen business, has accepted the organizers’ offer and become the General Partner of the Fashion Industry - the 37th International Exhibition of Textile and Consumer Industry. The event was held in the Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

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