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Rulinen group » News » "The Golden Spindle" was presented to the journalists

"The Golden Spindle" was presented to the journalists

Today, on March 13 in St. Petersburg, in the restaurant “La Fabrik” a press lunch was held for journalists of federal and municipal mass media devoted to XI National Fashion Industry Award (NFIA) “Golden Spindle" and the current situation in the Russian fashion industry.

Academicians of National Fashion Industry Academy and Ceremony partners took part in the lunch:
• Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Honoured Artist of Russia, President of the National Fashion Industry Academy (NFIA);
• Lyudmila Arsentyevna Ivanova, Vice President and Executive Director of NFIA, Producer of “Golden Shiver” Awarding Ceremony, national award in the sphere of fashion industry;
• Nikholay Valentinovich Aleksov, President of Rulinen Group, Vice President of NFIA, General Partner of the 11th “Golden Spindle” Awarding Ceremony;
• Viktor Vladimirovich Chirkov, General Director of the State Complex Palace of Congresses, in which on the 5th of October the 11th national award in fashion industry “Golden Spindle” Awarding Ceremony will be held;
• Yury Valeryanovich Larionov, NFIA Academician, General Director of “Style” Company (St. Petersburg).

National Award in the field of fashion industry was instituted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the National Fashion Industry Academy and the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. This is an annual assessment of the highest professional achievements in the formation and development of the fashion industry in Russia. Its aims and tasks are promoting domestic fashion industry, Russian textile and consumer industry, promotion of domestic brands, increasing competitiveness of the domestic fashion industry and design in the domestic and international markets, support of young and talented specialists in design, production, research and education.

At the press lunch NFIA academicians spoke about the importance of all the components of the domestic fashion industry, which implements the full cycle of production from the field to the counter, and about the significant role played by the textile and consumer industry in the Russian economy.

V.M. Zaitsev: “The task of popularization of Russian fashion, its history and trends is very important now. Also for proper competition with the West, Russian designers do not need to arbitrarily copy foreign brands. Their task is to return the taste for selecting clothes, use popular and acceptable materials in their collections, both for the Russian client and for weather conditions in the country. At first, these are of course environmentally-friendly materials, for sure, linen is leading among them. The day before yesterday we met with the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Valentinovich Manturov and noticed his great interest to our work and heard about real perspectives for support of fashion industry on the part of the State. It is a good and important intimation. It means that the State understands the importance of our work and supports it Tomorrow in St. Petersburg an international exhibition “Fashion Industry” will be opened, which will be visited by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Vladimirovich Kalamanov”.

L.A. Ivanova told who can be nominated for the award and why St. Petersburg became the venue for the XI ceremony: “The Laureates of the National Award in the fashion industry in a variety of categories and the “Golden spindles” winners are enterprises of textile and consumer industry of Russia, Fashion Houses, design offices, Russian fashion designers, employees of companies and industries, trade organizations and journalists, whose professional activities promote for the harmonious development of the fashion industry in Russia. It is not necessary to be a big company to apply for the Award. First of all, quality and the level of work are important. During 10 years this award was presented within the festival “Off-Peak Season in Sochi”. In 2013, by the general solution of the NFIA academicians it was decided to hold it in St. Petersburg, in order to develop St. Petersburg as the center of fashion industry in Russia. And judging by what a warm welcome and the response we have found in the St. Petersburg partners, we will stay here.”

At a press lunch journalists have expressed great interest in the visit by the Russian President Vladimir Putin of the largest plant for the production of linen and linen-containing fabrics of OAO "Vologodskiy Textil on the 7th of March, which products are supplied to domestic and overseas markets by the Ceremony General Partner Rulinen Group.

The President of Rulinen Group Nikholay Valentinovich Aleksov told the journalists about the details of the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation and also linen processing technologies at Vologodskiy Textil: “Vladimir Vladimirovich expressed much interest in relation to the output capacity of our plant and estimated the highest level of innovation and the great work done in the sphere of the company’s modernization. Summing up the results the President of Russia said - “Your factory is pretty good. It is probably one of the best and the only company in the industry that operates using international standards and within the schedule of world fashion industry. Your factory made the very first steps in this field. It is a renovation-oriented factory. Quality of your products is highly competitive with the western levels of quality.” I should say that the gossip about the “premature death” of this industry is strongly exaggerated.”

And this is not by accident. The process for the production of fabrics at Vologodskiy Textil includes more than 40 processing stages. The company is equipped with machines, which have no analogues in Russia: a digital machine, which allows printing on linen-containing fabrics using reactive dyes, modern weaving machines, and advanced finishing equipment.

The XI National Award in the fashion industry “Golden Spindle” will be held on October 5, 2013 at the State Complex Palace of Congresses.


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