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Velvet Linen

The main Russian resort under the auspices of Rulinen Group hosted the XIV International Fashion Festival

Rulinen Group became the official partner of the International Fashion Festival “Velvet Seasons in Sochi” – one of the largest annual forums of Russian fashion industry professionals. It is quite a logical move for the company, as both the Sochi festival and Rulinen Group pursue the same objective: to restore domestic textile industry and bring back high quality of and claim for Russian products and fashion. “High quality and consumer properties of products are of most importance for us”, – tells President of Rulinen Group, Vice-President of the National Academy of Fashion Industry Nikolay Aleksov.

Based on materials of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta – NEDELYA”, as of October 13, 2011

Russian linen fabrics

Russian textile market is practically full with import. It is known that cotton is not grown in Russia, and its world market price since the beginning of this year has gone 40% up. All this certainly affects the price of fabrics, and, as a result, the price for the clothes. But there is a native Russian fibre – linen, which due to its qualities does not cede to but excels cotton. About the process of creation of the fabrics out of linen at the modern enterprise tells the fabrics’ designer of the Rulinen Group Elena Vasil’eva.

According to the newspaper ”World of Textile”, Autumn 2011

Rulinen Group: Fashion revolution

The sensation in the world of fashion industry was the First international linen festival in Vologda. The business and creative program of the forum were included in the calendar of many representatives of business and fashion aristocracy of 18 countries of the world and 25 regions of Russia. The general partner of the festival, which was attended by the First Lady of Russia Svetlana Medvedeva, famous couturiers Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin, was the Rulinen Group – a leading producer of suiting and dress fabrics in Russia, which represents in the domestic and European markets the production of OAO “Vologodsky textile”.

According to the newspaper “The Red North” , № 122 (26654), July, 7, 2011


There are companies which principles of development are rather an exception to the rule than its confirmation. Exactly like these market players is the Rulinen Group, which holds a unique business strategy for a modern Russia. In 2010 the Rulinen Group, representing the production of OAO “Vologodsky textil’”, opened a new direction of activity. The Company launched production of industrial collections of men’s and women’s wear made of linen. Moreover, the wear is fashionable, stylish and challenging, which has been long waited at the Russian market.

According to the business magazine "Business and power" (Vologda), July, 2011

Linen fashion comes from Vologda

On the eve of the Town Day the Rulinen Group opened in Vologda its flagstore, where there is all production of the company: the latest new collections of fabrics, items of home textile, season collections of fashion clothes made of linen, as well as legendary lace of Vologda. Such variety of items made of linen Vologda has never seen before! And it is like this in spite of the fact that the producer is OAO “Vologodsky textil’”. At the opening of the store, which symbolically flung the door open on the first day of the International linen festival on the 23 of June, a fashion maestro Vyacheslav Zaitsev arrived.

According to the magazine "Idea. Rendezvous» № 7 (50), July, 2011


In 2010 the Rulinen Group, representing the production of OAO “Vologodsky textil’”, opened a new direction of activity: the Company launched production of industrial collections of men’s and women’s wear made of linen. The season collection "Autumn-Winter2011/2012" under the title “Souvenirs of “Grey Rose” was shown already at the beginning of April at the 23 week of prêt-a-porter in Saint Petersburg "Defile on Neva" and, following the experts’ opinions, made a very favourable impression on the participants of the fashion-society. And in June the International linen festival will take place in Vologda, where the general partner will be.

According to the international independent newspaper "LegPromBusiness”,
№ 3(175), June, 2011

Rulinen Group: Linen – fine materia

”Linen – the King of fashion!”, - perhaps, this phrase, which became a motto of the International linen festival in Vologda, will become a leitmotif of the current summer season. After all, the trendsetters were not afraid to be decisive: the linen models presented this spring at the catwalks telescoped into a patchy variety of colours, styles, details and handles. About the advantages of linen and about the way how trend collections of fabrics are created tells the fabrics’ designer of the Rulinen Group Elena Vasil’eva.

According to the magazine ”Clothing industry” , № 3, June, 2011

The Future lies with the Russian linen

One cannot imagine Vologda without legendary Vologodsky linen. “The Russian silk” here has been originally grown and processed, and before the Revolution the label "Russian linen" was estimated at the world market as high as “French cognac”, “Indian tea” or “Brazilian coffee”. To revive a linen culture in Russia, to bring back a bygone fame and to show to the whole world that the future lies with the ecologically clean linen –that is the mission of the first International linen festival, where general partner was the Rulinen Group.

According to the magazine ”Textile industry” , № 3, June, 2011


Rulinen Group presented itself at Premiere Vision in Paris

The Premiere Vision Salon jealously preserves its brend and protects the won reputation. Candidates to become exhibitors are carefully selected for quality, creativity and conformity to the major trends of the season. Quite apart among the newcomers there is the first Russian company - participant of the Premiere Vision exposition - RULINEN GROUP, better known in Russia as the Group of LINUM, which presented linen and linen-containing fabric, fabric for clothing made of 100% linen and linen mixed with wool, silk, cotton, viscose, lavsan well-known in our country – beginning from the dyed fabrics to chequered and striped melange and jacquard fabrics.

According to the  «Legkaya Promishlennost.Kurier», magazine, No. 3, March-April 2011


Rulinen Group comes in Yekaterinburg

The Semifinal of the IXth International Young Designers Contest “Russian Silhouette” was held in Yekaterinburg. Ten nominees of the contest received prizes from Rulinen Group - coupons of flax-containing fabrics which they subsequently could use to create the boldest and most original models of ecological clothes. The designers will use those models for further “One Costume Contest”, which will be held in Vologda in the framework of the International Flax Festival from 23 to 25 June 2011.

According to the Kommersant newspaper. Yekaterinburg, No. 69, dated April 20, 2011


Vologda Textile to Dress Russians in Flax

The company Vologda Textile, a part of a holding company Dominion, has started the retail sales of flax clothing. According to experts, the clothing will be in great demand among the consumers. Own brand clothing is a new field of work of Vologda Textile, a big Russian producer of costume dress fabrics.

Newspaper “Delovoj Peterburg”, 12 April 2011


Fashion House:

Defile, Review, Lectures…

Days of fashion “Defile on the Neva” finished on Saturday, this event held for the 23rd time.  Irina Ashkinadze has been its organizer for over ten years already. During the four days at the eighth pavilion of “Lenexpo” about 20 collections of famous and beginner designers were shown.  The collection of Vologda’s flax clothing of LINUM Group was an interesting finding. The company intends to actively promote the Russian market of flax clothing, which is quite popular in Europe now.

Newspaper “Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti”, 11 April 2011

Natural linen stylishness is established in the fashion industry

The famous Russian couturier Vyacheslav Zaytsev became an honored guest and participant of the International Exhibition of Textile and Light Industry “Fashion Industry 2011”, which was held from 16 to 19 of March in SKK. Maestro of the Russian fashion came with no empty-handed – under the Exhibition he represented his new collection “Ekzersis”, created from textile materials of the Rulinen Group. This year the Rulinen Group Company became a title exhibition partner and demonstrated on the podium in SKK new collection models named “Souvenirs of the “Grey Rose”.

Newspaper “St. Petersburg Courier”», 23 March 2011


Linen on the beauty podium

At the international exhibition “Fashion Industry 2011” JSC “Vologodskiy Tekstil” presented its new collection “Souvenirs of the “Grey Rose”. The Title exhibition partner – Rulinen Group, feature the products of JSC “Vologodskiy Tekstil”, - proved once more that linen clothes are rather competitive with the most recognized brands.

Weekly Newspaper “Arguments and Facts. Vologda”, 12 March 2011


The Journal “Textile Industry” held an opinion poll between permanent participants of the Exposition “Tekstillegprom” 

On the Eve of the 36th Federal Wholesale Exposition, representatives of companies and organizations – permanent participants of the Exhibition “Tekstillegprom” answered questions of the Journal “Textile Industry”. The Development Director of the Rulinen Group, Mariya Reshetneva told how the Exposition was held, the Rulinen Group’s purposes, stand arrangement and Company’s reasons concerning active advertising campaign during preparation for the Exhibition.. 

Journal “Textile Industry”, №1, February 2011


Linen complex development in Vologodskaya Region through the inter-branch and inter-area cooperation 

Existing crisis in the economy, demonstrated the falsity of the opinion that everything can be resolved through import. To overcome this difficult situation, problem solutions and textile and light industry development by the government of the Vologodskaya Region, the Pilot Project “Linen complex development of the Vologodskaya Region through the inter-branch and inter-area cooperation” is designed. The key participant of the Project is JSC “Vologodskiy Tekstil”. “It is very important for enterprises of the Industry to have State support, directed to defend the Russian manufacture, Public Private Partnership development, franchise and subsidy application”, - said Aleksey Maklahov, the Head of the Monitoring and Investment activity Department in the Industry at the Government of the Vologodskaya Region.

Journal “Textile Industry”, №1 February 2011

The Chief Designer of the Rulinen Group, Dariya Mushtuk: the purpose of the premium «Fashion of Russia» is very close to us!

“Roslegprom” and “RLP-Yarmarka” at the main textile Exhibition of the country, established a premium in the field of the Fashion industry – premium “Fashion of Russia”, the symbol of which is the stylized model on the podium. The Chief Designer of the Rulinen Group, Dariya Mushtuk, told the correspondent of the RIA MODA about her participations concerning the Event and models that are to be featured.

Press agency RIA MODA28 January 2011


The Rulinen Group restores Russian linen

Russian linen industry experiences a restoration period today. Since in 2005 China entered the WTO, the situation became strained at the textile market. The Sales system of “rough” textile materials from Russia directed for export went wrong, and finished textile materials with high-quality details were not practically produced. The Rulinen Group decided to change the situation radically, began to promote in 2002 at the domestic and European markets products of the JSC “Vologodskiy Tekstil” – one of the largest Russian textile enterprises. Today the Company is the key participant of the Pilot Project “Linen complex development in Vologodskaya Region through the inter-branch and inter-area cooperation”.

Web site, 19 January 2011


Santa Clause's linen closet

Unusual guest – Santa Claus from Velikiy Ustug – visited the Joint Stock Company “Vologodskiy Tekstil”. Together with 25 pupils from 5 "A" class of the Secondary school № 37, this fabulous magician took part in the excursion, held by the Head of the enterprise Galina Borodulina who told in detail concerning all subtleties and secrets of linen and linen fabric production.

Newspaper “Krasniy Sever”, №7, 18 January 2011



On the 2nd of December in Vologda under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Vologodskaya Region, the Multiregional conference “Promotion outlooks of the linen complex at the Russian and Foreign markets” was held. The Exhibition location was in the territory of the JSC “Vologodskiy Tekstil”. The initiator of the conference appeared the Rulinen Group – one of the leading enterprises in the Russian textile industry. To attract Russian machinists, the Company equaled Russian and European quality standards.

Journal “Light Industry” №1, January 2011


Russian Business/Legprom
World Fashion from Vologda

The company Vologodskiy Textile plans to become a major supplier of linen fabrics, home textile and clothes in Russia and Europe with the assistance of regional authorities.
Currently it is the only enterprise in Russia which has a full technological cycle from production of scutched flax to finished fabric, home textile products and further sale at their own retail with the use of brands LINUM Group and Group Rulinen.

Reference to the “Expert” magazine, no. 50 (734), dated December 20-26, 2010



Reborn traditions for future

A pilot project is being carried out in the Vologda Region, as well as in the Kostroma, Volgograd and Ivanovo Regions, the essence of which is a complex modernization of the linen complex by means of inter-sectoral and inter-territorial cooperation. There is an enormous potential, not yet implemented in the sphere of light industry. OAO “Vologodskiy Textile” is one of the key participants of the pilot project in the Vologda Region being the only one at present who yields actual results.

With reference to the edition “Delovaya Karta Rossii” [Business Map of Russia] – the regional supplement to the newspaper “Ekonomika i Vremya” [Economics and Time](“Vologda and the Region: People, Resources, Opportunities”), December 13, 2010.


Vologda Brands

An Interregional Conference, “Promotion of Flax Complex Production in the Russian and Foreign Markets – the Prospects”, initiated by LINUM, took place on 2 December under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Vologda Region Administration and was held at OAO Vologodskiy Textile. Among the topics covered in the discussion was the state and regional assistance in the pilot project “The Development of Flax Complex of the Vologda Region by means of Intersectoral and Interterritorial Cooperation”, as well as the main tendencies for cooperation between LINUM Group and the sewing companies, fashion houses and retailers. The core enterprises in the industry were represented at the conference by more than 100 experts.

LOCAL NEWSPAPER of the Vologda Region 10 December 2010, No 45


Our Flax Goes to Paris

In February 2011 the Group “LINUM” which represents the production of OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil [OAO Vologda Textile] will take part in the most prestigious European textile exhibition in the capital of France - Premiere Vision. The Russian government also relies much on the Vologda region as on a linen sector leader, though there are still many problems unsettled in this sphere. This news was proclaimed at the interregional conference “Perspectives of Linen Complex Promotion on Russian and Foreign Markets” which had been recently held at OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil.

Taken from newspaper “Krasny Sever” of 7 December 2010


Dominion Company Aims for Clothes Industry
The holding company from St. Petersburg is to begin a new type of manufacture

LINUM Group, run by Dominion from St. Petersburg, launches a new manufacture of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes at the beginning of 2011 and is to take the scale of OAO Vologodskiy Textile. The initial production capacity will be 100,000 items per year, which is expected to increase up to 800,000 items per year after the enterprise has reached its full capacity. A retail chain is being organized, which in four years will be extended to include 90 shops.

Kommersant St. Petersburg – Daily Newspaper, No. 188, 11 October 2010


TEXWORLD: to Paris – not for glamour

The only Russian enterprise which took part in the International Technology and Production Exhibition which took place from 13 till 16 September near Paris was Rulinen Group (Saint Petersburg). Under this trademark the company presented its new collection of suit-dress fabrics of Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 as well as the samples of the regular collection comprising the most popular items. In all, the Fair gathered 885 participants from 27 countries from all over the world: more than 650 enterprises manufacturing all types of fabrics known to date as well as almost 120 manufacturers which presented their fabrics marked as “ecological” (Eco, Bio…).

Magazine “Legkaya Promishlennost. Kurier”, No. 7, October 2010.

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