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The RULINEN Group produces high-quality eco-friendly fabrics, home textiles and cloths made of flax plant.
The company brings to life the idea of sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, because the flax is a unique material, which carries the pristine purity of natural.
All of our products are certified per “OEKO-TEX Standart100”.

We supply as the finished product, and individual parties of the fabrics and home textiles.
Production RULINEN Group is equipped with advanced equipment, which allows realizing all your wishes.

Our possibilities:

NEW! Digital printing on the fabric. More information

• Active and disperse dyeing in bulk

• Dyeing of small batches (up to 500 running meters)

• A wide selection of impregnation (easy care, easy ironing, fireproof, light crumpled etc.), including teflon according the technology Dupont

• Wide rotary printing - 12 colors, fabric width up to 320 cm and a weight of up to 300 g/m2

• A wide selection of coatings (gold, silver, pearl, vinyl, acrylic, etc.)

• Production of fabrics and home textile products of individual design

RULINEN Group  is a reliable partner in the domestic and international textile market.
The delivery of the products can be arranged throughout the world by any means of transport.

Representative offices in Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vologda, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo
Representation abroad: Italy, Estonia.

Conditions of the order acceptance for the fabric of our production
Conditions of the order acceptance for the home textile products


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